Sunday, May 10, 2020

Wrap Up - May 10, 2020

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It's the early hours of Mother's Day or as we call it in my household, "Cat Mom's Day".

I've been thinking a lot recently (and for a lot of life actually) about feminine versus masculine principles.  And yesterday morning as I wrote in my journal I realized I had been using some form of the word, "gather" with some frequency for the past several days:

"Gathering my thoughts", "gather myself", "have a gathering", "I gather that"...

It made me think of the idea that men are the hunters and women are the gatherers which, of course, isn't always necessarily true.  But I do think that a more "active", "male" energy dominates this society where we want to "go after" a solution or "attack" a problem and I'm just not feeling that energy is right for me or the problems I want to help solve.  I'm definitely in a gathering phase and not in a hunting phase in my life right now.

So here is how and what I have been gathering since I wrote here last:

I've been gathering stories for another blog that I've been working on for something called Amplifire Project that I am working on with my friend Michael Harrington.  I hope you will check it out at

I've been gathering with friends to discuss our thoughts, feelings and ideas about what's happening within and around us.  You can find at least one of those discussions now and there will be more to come on my friend Mary Hollywood's "At The Crossroads" Podcast which is well worth subscribing to at:

Politically I gathered that nothing is going to change until we change and part of that is just learning to be patient and diligent enough to figure out a better way to do things than "the way they have always been done."  I feel like we have such an opportunity right now to do things differently but we are so afraid of what's uncertain or unfamiliar that we are failing to court our imaginations.

So yes, there are actions you can and should take, such as:

Text UBI to 50409 or dm @resistbot saying UBI to send a message to your representatives demanding direct cash relief for the people

Purchase the Download  of The Wall Will Fall by Rick Springfield and Friends to benefit

Support progressive down ballot candidates like Charles Booker and the others on This List.

But you can also just be still and gather your thoughts, gather information, gather the ideas and perspectives of people who may see things differently than you, gather your courage, your hopes and dreams, your love... and see what your imagination can do with that.

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