Friday, May 1, 2020

Weekly Wrap Up - May 1, 2020

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Hello and welcome to my first "weekly wrap up" post where I will discuss the highlights (or lowlights) of political issues and actions that have attracted my notice each week.

Of course, first and foremost on everyone's mind is the crisis we are collectively experiencing at this time.  There is a lot of conflicting information about the Corona Virus and related issues out there and I advise that everyone do their research by consulting reliable sources, talking to people about their firsthand experiences and trying to avoid jumping to any extreme conclusions out of fear or a desire for certainty.  As the below graphic illustrates, it is possible to consider that there is some truth to all sides of the issue.

I am very fortunate that this crisis is, at least circumstantially, not altering my life in a drastic way but I worry and grieve for the people who are or are at risk of suffering because of, not only this crisis, but the lack of ability and conscience our government has shown in dealing with it. I manage the sense of horror and hopelessness this engenders with the meditate and kick ass method: first I meditate and pray and then I take whatever action that presents itself to me.

I have called, texted and emailed officials to express my concerns over the bail out bills and inhumane criminal justice policies during this crisis.  You can find information on how to contact your local officials here:  ResistBot is also a great tool for texting:

Recently I also signed a petition to Congress to demand that nurses are protected from COVID-19 with the proper protective equipment which you can find here:

I will warn you that doing these things may not immediately change anything but do them anyway.  Make political action a daily habit because if enough of us do that then things are likely to change and it starts with that person we see in the mirror.

The truth is that we as a society are probably going to have to change before we see significant changes in our government.  Our apathy, our disengagement and our reliance on media has allowed a system that was supposed to represent our highest values to be run like a reality tv show with high paying sponsors calling all the shots.  We have not been citizens, merely consumers and the only way to change that is to learn how to become citizens again.

I believe my friend and fellow former grassroots volunteer for Marianne Williamson's presidential campaign, Mary Hollywood is encouraging and educating people on how to do just that on her new podcast, "At The Crossroads".  This week she talked about elected officials who blame their ineffectiveness on "fatigue" while our own indifference allows for corruption and she has a new episode out today with writer and activist Jesse Crall.

Speaking of Jesse Crall, his podcast has kept me sane and informed this week.  In addition to his rational, reasonable arguments concerning the troubling circumstances of our upcoming presidential election, he took the time to explain a broader view of capitalism and how it is portrayed by media and politicians that I found very helpful.

Also helpful are the progressive down ballot candidates who are not waiting to be elected to serve their communities. Many of them are using their phone banking operations to check on people and make sure they have what they need in addition to telling them about their candidacy. If you would like to be a part of those efforts, I'm sure they would welcome you even if you don't live in their state.  Click Here for a list of the down ballot candidates that have impressed me.

Volunteer to Support Jessica Scarane for US Senate

That’s it for now but I look forward to catching up with you again next week.

If you have a question, an action that needs support or information you think would be helpful, please feel free to leave it in the comments.

Peace, love and justice,

Victoria Lynn Hall

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  1. Thank you for this Victoria! I take any help I can get from great people who spend more time than I searching for what's most relevant in these times to ACTION! You are a gift!


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