Monday, March 30, 2020

5 Rhythms To Meditate and Kick Ass To By Victoria Lynn Hall

Meditation is a great self care practice for people with anxiety and depression like me but I think of it as preventative medicine.  When I am in the throes of my existential angst I need something a little more powerful to kick my own ass into gear but not something so disciplined that it feels like work.  

And that's when I practice my moving meditation.

I don't need any special equipment for this.  No trendy, organic apparel or eco friendly props.  I just need my bare feet on the floor, some music with a pounding drumbeat, and I need to move to the five rhythms I learned about in a book I borrowed from the library twenty years ago because I liked the title: "Sweat Your Prayers" by Gabrielle Roth .

Those five rhythms are: Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness.

I've moved to these rhythms enough times as a spiritual practice that I now recognize them in many aspects of my life, including my political practice.

I realized this the other day after I ended a particularly rewarding moving meditation session and began to engage in what I consider my main political practice: harnessing tweets for political purposes.

I immediately recognized the flowing rhythm of Twitter as I read and replied to the people I am most in synch with there: friends, the candidates I joyfully support, trusted leaders and mentors.  Just like the fluid movements I practice with this rhythm, these interactions are natural, intuitive and unforced.  

The staccato rhythm took over when I began to process the news items of the day and felt moved to engage in a debate about an important issue.  Here there were deliberate actions to take: reading, fact checking, note taking, decision making.  Like with my staccato dance movements, it feels more forceful, using and developing muscles as I stop and start, think and decide.

Inevitably there was chaos.  Things happened that I didn't expect, people behaved in ways that didn't make sense and some information was beyond my comprehension.  My first reaction is resistance but my spiritual practice has taught me to surrender to chaos, and I remembered that not everything has to make sense and that I can keep moving regardless.

I then allowed chaos to lead me to the lyrical rhythm, to that playful side of myself and of the Twitterverse where I can laugh at myself and with others.  This also helps me let go of worries and grievances and anything else that feels heavy.

Finally I moved into stillness, that place where I allow myself to slow down and just be.  I was able to accept that I don't need to engage in every argument or take on every problem. I knew it was time to wind down, wrap up and let what I accomplished that day be enough.

It is comforting to know that whether I am meditating (sweating my prayers) or kicking ass (harnessing tweets for political purposes) that I can rely on these five rhythms to guide me and help me move through life with more acceptance and flexibility.  

To learn more about the 5 Rhythms moving meditation practice by Gabrielle Roth, check out You can also Click Here to check out the Moving Meditation playlist on the Meditate and Kick Ass YouTube Channel.

Of course, I highly recommend the book, "Sweat Your Prayers" by Gabrielle Roth.  Join the Meditate and Kick Ass Book Club on Goodreads for more book recommendations and discussions as this project develops.

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Peace, love and justice for all,

Victoria Lynn Hall

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